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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Answers.  I'm sure there are more Questions

Q.  Hey I’m not a business, I just need someone to look at why my XYZ isn’t working and help me with Excel pivot tables.  Are you willing to do that?

A.  Certainly.  Residential clients are key to my business.  I use one of three pricing models for residential jobs which tend to be smaller but require just as much detailed attention as the largest clients:

1.       Simply time and expense for training and software configuration issues

2.       Fixed bid for hardware repairs, cabling and wireless assessments

3.       Not to exceed quotes for virus removal, data backups, software installation and operating system (re)installs or upgrades

Of course there are situations that don’t fit into the above models and I am always flexible.

Q.  Do you only work with residential clients?

A.  Not at all.  I support commercial clients as well.  In fact, about a 40% of business is small business clients seeking to keep costs in check while providing a stable IT environment.

Q. Will you be able to handle my small business needs?

A.  With 30+ years’ experience as a consultant supporting Global 50 corporations, balancing multiple client demands has been key to my success. I am confident I can be responsive to your needs – whether they are urgent or routine.

Q.  You sound old and over qualified.  Are you current with today’s technology?

A.  Yes.  Yes.  And Yes.  After all Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and me share the same year of birth.  All that separates us are a few $000’s. 

Seriously though, I have a very deep understanding of what’s going on.  Historically, my IT skills were honed as an analyst for one the largest global energy concerns and the largest personal computer manufacturer.  After a failed internet startup back in ’00. I evolved to lead a global consulting practice which delivered strategies to the Communications, Media and Entertainment industries.  I helped make their products and services rank about number 4 on your list of monthly expenses (after Housing, Food, Healthcare and Education).  I get it – let me know how deep you want to go!

Q.  Won’t a traditional PC repair shop, IT support, GoDaddy like company offer us better value?

A.  Perhaps.  If you have the budget, say $1,500/mo., and the willingness to sign a 12-24 month contract to outsource ALL OF YOUR NEEDS to a firm for equipment leases and same day service support then yes, that is probably a good course of action.  It is certainly less expensive than a full time resource.

On the other hand, if you have don’t have the $15k-$20k needed and you have a “collection” of technology assets. then I can develop a technology support approach that is practical and fits your budget.   I do this far better than the local / IT repair shop and web-hosting concerns.  My consulting experience enables me to quickly and correctly assess your needs and issues.   You receive my full attention as the owner not the hit or miss capability of an employee.  Finally, I can source and negotiate the cost of services and needed equipment as a neutral party.  Basically you get the skills of a IT pro without the noise or frills.

Q.  I’m confused. You say that can show me how to create Excel pivot tables, remove viruses, fix computers and design an IT support program.  Are you for real?

A.  Yup.  Great product, lower cost.

Q.  Do you warrant your work?

Within reason.  If I tell you something works after I have configured software or repaired a piece of hardware, then yes I will “own” the issues that come with that effort for period of time. 

If you ask me to install and configure software but it doesn’t do exactly what you want and unless I told you it would do exactly what you find lacking, then it’s probably not covered.  I’ll help you the best I can, though.  

At its core, a warranty is the transfer of risk from you to me.  If you ask me to absorb too much risk, then either the price goes up or I’ll pass the work.

Let’s talk about what you need and figure it out.  I’m flexible.